Linchpin Marketing
Keeping people connected is where profitability lives.
That's the LINCHPINNING difference.

At Linchpin Marketing, we believe our job is not done when a sale occurs. Gaining trust, trial and purchase from each new customer is too costly to stop at the first sale.

The Linchpin Marketing LINCHPINNNING Program is a Customer Engagement Program. LINCHPINNING cultivates a deeper connection between people and your brand; the kind that has legs, and lasts well beyond that first sale.

LINCHPINNING starts with building awareness and making a connection in ways that resonate and have relevance. We do that. Our difference is we do not stop there. LINCHPINNING develops deeper connections with your brand to build trust, motivate people to sample, buy and make a commitment to it. Keeping people connected after the purchase brings them back and cultivates their advocacy and referral. That’s where profitability lives.

That’s the LINCHPINNING difference.

If you are interested in building long-term connections between your existing customers, cultivating new long-term customers, or just interested in learning more about the our LINCHPINNING Program, contact us today.